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There is an American Presidential candidate who would love to build a wall between the US and Mexico. Not that there isn't one already. 
In any case, please contribute to my LA FRONTERA fundraiser 
and see for yourself what the U.S. - Mexico has to offer other than what you think :)...


La Frontera Book published in Germany


My book LA FRONTERA has just been published in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 6th by Edition Faust. 

The book is bilingual, German/Spanish, and available in Europe only. I am working on the American version which will be published in the US in 2015. 

For the La Frontera project I photographed 180 artists and art supporters along the entire 2000 miles long US-Mexican border to show the vibrant cultural side of a region that is usually portrayed by the international media with the sole focus on violent crime. The book has over 180 color photographs, the texts are in German and Spanish. 

The introduction was written by New York based journalist Claudia Steinberg, the closing words are by Claudia Bodin, US correspondent for German ART magazin. The Mexican writers Orfa Alarcon, Dolores Dorantes, Rogelio Guedea, Yuri Herrera and David Toscana added stories about the border exclusively for this book.  

Autor: Stefan Falke 
 Untertitel: Die mexikanisch-US-amerikanische Grenze und ihre Künstler 
Format: 240 x 280 mm /  Seiten: 232, farbig 
Zweisprachig: deutsch - spanisch 
ISBN: 978-3-9815893-5-1 
To order the book in Europe: http://www.faustkulturshop.de/Edition-Faust/La-Frontera.html 

On the cover: photographer and activist Raechel Running at the border in Agua Prieta, Mexico.


La Frontera Project online exhibition

I almost forgot to mention my online exhibition 
LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US Mexican Border.
I photographed over 150 artists along the entire 2000 miles long US Mexican border in order to put a spotlight on the cultural activities in a region normally reported on by the international media with the sole focus on violent crime.

The project is ongoing.

Link: http://www.forwardthinkingmuseum.com/solo_falke_00.php


The Art of Walking


City Sounds


Hand Held



Signs from Hamburg


Sounds from Congo

Here some new "visuelle sounds" which I have "recorded" during my trip through the northern Kivu Province in Congo last week. I recommend this soundtrack while you are browsing the images. 
I did this trip on assigment for the German NGO Welthungerhilfe e.V. . I went back to Congo after seven years and the country is still beautyfull, but the conditions to live there are still worst. In this way I am always hovering between euphoria and depression. Also every evening the question pops up: is humanitarian help the right way to help a country like this? Or is it just a new way of colonization? At the same time I found wonderfull projects, which are running under the help of Welthungerhilfe e.V. and the people are very thankfull for this help ...


Bookseller Malcolm Gregor Moray

Malcolm Gregor Moray sells used books in front of the book store Barnes & Noble on Union Square in New York City. I walk by almost every day. His shop goes through changes. I document them.


Sounds from Switzerland

Here some new "Visuel Sounds" from Switzerland... And for this images I recommend a very nice Soundtrack made by PINGPONG