Hello WWWorld !

First: lets do a quiz. What is written on these t-shirts? I am waiting for answers or comments!!! *
Secondly: I cant hit your umbrellas. I am a sunny boy, and where I am, normaly it will never rains. But your GUP sounds very good. Perhaps we should call up for the worlswide best UP (Umbrella Picture)??? Should we call for Umbrella Pix?
Thirdly: It must be sooooooo booooooooring to shooooooop at Old Navy, that some of the customers are coming with books.
And at last: Yesterday someone snaps me while I am working. I pleased him to send me the the pic and he did it. Thank you for that.
* I will post the answer the next few days.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hmm, i gues on the shirts is "I love (as a Heart) N Y"? Right?

Greetings from Hamburg to New York!