iPhone 4 - Good Camera Bad Phone

Andreas, I hate to say this since I am a big fan of Apple products. But my iPhone 4 (which I bought for the better camera compared to the older model) is the worst phone I ever had. Dropped calls, sometimes slow or no internet, no automatic email push ... but hey, great camera ! A lot of the problems may have to do with AT&T (never understood that arrangement in a 'free market' in the US and I am paying an outrageous monthly fee for it) and living in New York City, but my iPhone 3 worked better... Apple gave me a new phone last week ;-) but the problems persist. Now I am wondering, do I have to carry an iPhone to continue my iPhone photo series AND a BlackBerry or whatever to make and receive calls ... that would be really ridiculous.
Well, the good news is, they gave me a luxurious problem to complain about, keeps me from thinking about real issues ...

And good luck with the 'Moscow' book project, looks great, hope we see it here soon !


Rafael Damast hat gesagt…
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Rafael Damast hat gesagt…

I like the moscow Youtube Photo video and iphone photo series. About your email, it could be your email provider, they may not be offering you push service.

p.s. Let me know when the book comes out. I want to buy it.