Countryside VS Megacity - Black/White VS Colour

Dear Stefan and dear readers ! I am just working on my new serie about the countryside. And now I have to dicide: colour or b/w? Or I do the approved mix with b/w and colour? What are you thinking? Now here some new images in colour:

The black & white ones you will find here.

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Stefan Falke Photography hat gesagt…

Andreas, that is a difficult question.

As soon as I see a photograph in either color or black & white I never question if I would like to see it the other way. A photograph is usually finished when presented. Like your two series. The black & white ones would not look good in color, they are perfect b&w. The color ones would definitely not gain anything if shown in b&w. They are color images.

Personally I shoot color only unless a client requests b&w. Funny though, I don't even see color when I shoot. Rarely is the color an important factor in my photography, form and content is always first. But when you look at them you would think that I care a lot about color. I do but only when looking at my finished photos. I guess that comes in part from having started photography by shooting black & white some 40 years ago and enlarge my own prints. Printing color was very difficult back then so we all did b&w.

To answer your question: I don't have an answer. Only you will know when you start shooting !!