Fuji Finepix X 100 vs iPhone

Andreas, now you are making me very jealous !! I want my Fuji too !! Talk to your Fuji people (just kidding)... Needless to say, there is no comparison between the two. The iPhone camera is a great and fun tool to create images whenever and wherever, but I only use it in connection with an app (shakeitphoto) or as a visual notebook. Shooting and composing with a phone is also very different for me than shooting with a camera. I bought the Canon G10 a few years ago in order to have a small camera on me at all times and it worked very well for my umbrella series but I never really shot anything else with it, partly because it's quality isn't very good in low light and the shutter lag is still annoying (even worse with phone). I hope the Finepix is what I expect from it and I will definitely get one asap. According to you the quality of the photo files is very promising. Hope we can soon photo-battle back and forth with identical cameras !!

posted by Stefan Falke

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