Bye Bye New York - Hello Munich

Andreas, I will arrive in Munich on Friday to shoot film stills in Bavaria and Austria for the next 4 month. A great job, the movie is about the live of Ludwig II, directed by Peter Sehr and Marie Noelle. My only problem is leaving New York !! Well, can't have it all, and I am not complaining, believe me. I shot the pictures above on the now almost finished "High Line" in Manhattan, the spectacular park on the old elevated train tracks that run from 14th street up to 34th street. The creators of that park deserve every award that there is for their work and vision. They literally added a whole new level to New York, 20 blocks long.
By the way, I love your new work from Neuruppin ! I hope we'll meet somewhere in Germany, maybe in Neuruppin ?? 

posted by Stefan Falke

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