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Dear Stefan, it was a full weekend with photos, photos, books, photos.....and photographers. I one district of Hamburg more than 10 galleries arrange their openings at Friday night. At the same time the "Photobook + Art Fair Hamburg" opens the doors with a lot of publishers, bookstors, selfpublishing plattforms etc. I didnt get the chance to visit all, but here you will get some spots.

The image on top is taken in the Flo Peters Gallery, with the work from Sinje Dillenkofer. The work is titeled with "Cases" and means the cases where old technical instruments were stored.
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Here we are at the WTC-Gallery - With Trash Contemorary - with images about Patti Smith and Robert Mappelethorpe taken by Judy Linn.

Here some words from the gallery website:
"Last year, Patti Smith, icon of the punk rock movement, poet and visual artist, published her memoir “Just Kids”. In an empathetic yet unsentimental manner, she writes about how she came to New York to get a fresh start as an artist in the seventies and above all describes her innocently tender yet ambivalent relationship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. The book soon became a literary sensation, bringing Smith the National Book Award.
The iconic pictures in the book were provided by Judy Linn. As a close friend of Smith and Mapplethorpe, the New York photographer had captured the atmosphere of those early days in intimate photo sessions: Patti in a petticoat, cool with a cigarette, in bed with Robert… With her work series “Patti Smith – 1969 to 1976”, she leads us straight into the perfectly bohemian life at the Chelsea Hotel, before punk and new wave came up."
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One of my favarit exhibition is "Darkrooms" photographed by Michel Campeau at the Robert Morat Gallery:

"In the spirit of this heading paraphrasing a fundamental text of photographic modernity by the well known German philosopher Walter Benjamin, I am working on creating a monography of images articulated around the decline of silver-gelatin photography, taking as my object the obsolescence of the darkroom.
As an agent in and witness of a pivotal moment in the history of art and technologies, squeezed between the dual procedures of analogical and digital recording, I find the utmost importance to invest the iconicity of the darkroom with the connotations of ruin and post-industrial debris."
from the photographers website.
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And here two findings from the photobook fair: "Bela Doka, The Sundays of life"

"How do you photograph the quotidian moments that, while not dramatic, form the core of life’s pleasures and satisfactions? The answer for him is found in a country house owned by the family of his girlfriend. The world that he reveals to us is one of sun-warmed lunch tables, cool afternoon river swims, lazy walks in pathless fields, and tasks that are met with no timetable in mind. If we view these pictures from a hurried, urban mindset, we see nothing. Literally. Nothing is happening. But if we shift our sensibilities – as I believe he is asking us to do along with him – then we see the timeless, daily activities that create a Zen of satisfaction." from the photographers website.
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And finally the exellent book from Kate Brooks in german language.

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