Portraits from the US Mexican Border

Hi Andreas, I spent about a month photographing artists and others on the south side of the US-Mexican border. The point of my long term project 'LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US-Mexican Border' is to show the existence of a normal and very creative life in a region that is portrayed by the international media mostly with stories about violence, drug trafficing and illegal border crossings. Especially the 3 cities I have been to lately, Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali, are amazingly interesting places to visit with world class food and art. Maybe the 'wall' is there to keep us out ?

Names from top: Canamo (Band, Reggae and Ska), Azzul Monraz (singer, Madamme Ur), Carlos Maria (drummer), Jaime Ruiz Otis (artist), Daniel Rosas (director of El Field, a documentary film about Mexican migrant field workers working in Californian fields; with Alejandro Davila, producer; Derrick Sparrow, co-writer, co-editor, sound), Carlos Coronado Ortega (painter), Christina Creme (or Siki Carpio, singer), Efren De La Cruz (painter), Gani Guerrero (artist, Mexicali 7.2 refers to the 2010 earthquake), Jaqueline Barajas (painter), Ramon Guillot (architect, Via Corporativo),
Ruben García Benavides (painter), Leobardo Sarabia (movie critic, festivals).

Posted by Stefan Falke, more images of this series at 

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