The State of the Empire Building

Hi Andreas, as of today the Empire State Building is not the tallest in New York anymore, the new World Trade Center One has surpassed it. I thought that was reason enough to give it some love right here !!
To answer your last post about 'photo exhibition fatigue' ... maybe we see too many images online. We used to see a poster for an exhibition with one image and that was it. Maybe a write up in some magazine. But today we know the photos of the exhibition before we go there. The only surprise may be that they really look good on the wall, or really bad, or something in between. And meeting people at the opening and drinking free wine. But I still get a kick out of going to see shows, the experience is so different from sitting at home in front of a screen. Same with movies, I could see them all at home but you can't compare that to going to the movie theater !!!

Posted by Stefan Falke

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