Photoville 2012

Hi Andreas, Photoville in Brooklyn was the best photo 'event' I have seen in a while, it was especially refreshing compared to the annual ny photofestival in Dumbo (also Brooklyn). The Photoville concept ( an outdoor exhibition fence, shipping containers as exhibition space, lectures in tents, food trucks, beer garden etc ...) is that of a pop up show, it does not need a specific location, this year it happened in the unfinished Brooklyn Bridge Park, next year it will be ... who knows where. Great job by the organizers, hope they continue. Website with list of participating photographers and other infos: http://photovillenyc.org/ 
List of photographers in these images at the end !

Top to bottom, the work in these photos is by : 
1) Becoming Visible: Portraits of Homeless Transgender Teens. By Josh Lehrer.
2) Melissa Cacciola / War and Peace
3) Dirk Anschuetz: Giddy Up
4) Ilona Szwarc: American Girls
5) Jonathan Auch: Occupy Wall Street
6) Michelle Pedone: Willow
7) Dirk Anschuetz: Giddy Up
8) Dutch photographer Lillith in front of her self portraits at the container exhibition The Wonder of Woman
9) Lizzie Sadin: Children behind Bars.

Posted by Stefan Falke

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