New York Photo Festival 2011 - I

Hi Andreas, here is my first impression from the New York Photo Festival 2011. The festival is curated this year by Enrico Bossi and Elisabeth Biondi.

Matt Eich, a founding member of LUCEO, gave a great presentation of his long-term projects at St. Anns Warehouse tonight as part of the New York Photo Festival's lecture series. He is one of my favorite young and emerging* photographers, his project 'Baptist Town' is amazing, he really takes you there. Which is what documentary photography should be about.
I wonder why only roughly 50 people showed up for this one hour lecture, on a Friday night at 7pm in New York City... Matt deserved a full house.

LUCEO(LUCEO Images is a photographer owned and operated cooperative): http://luceoimages.com/
NYPH11/New York Photo Festival 2011: http://www.newyorkphotofestival.com/

(*emerge: come out into view. I do that every morning, nothing fancy about it ...)

More on my day two at the photo festival HERE

posted by Stefan Falke

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