New York Photo Festival 2011 - II

Hi Andreas, the NYPH11, Curated By ENRICO BOSSAN and ELISABETH BIONDI, is closing tonight, I did not have as much time for it as I wished I had, so here just a few photographs from series I liked in the main exhibition on Front Street. And I liked many this year !!

My favorite photograph (image at top) of one of my favorite series was also the "Leitmotiv" of the festival: Balazs Gardi: "Basetrack: One Eight". Basetrack is an experimental media project, tracking the deployment of 1/.8-1st Batallion, 8th Regiment, United States Marine Corps, throughout their deployment to Southern Afghanistan    http://www.balazsgardi.com/

Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse: "Ponte City", about life in a 54 story house in Johannesburg http://www.goodman-gallery.com/exhibitions/159

Irina Werning: "Mi Pelo Largo Querido", a great series of images of women with very long hair in Argentina http://irinawerning.com/stories/mi-pelo-largo-querido/

A Yin: "Mongolia Transformed", pairing images of students in their traditional environment and in their urban life http://new.cphoto.net/chinese/abc/ayin/

Andy Spyra: "Bosnia - Genocide" http://www.andyspyra.com/

Carolyn Drake: "Wild Pigeon", telling the story of the Uygurs, an ongoing project supported by the photography funding site 'Emphasis' http://www.carolyndrake.com/

Jessica Hines: "My Brother's War" http://www.jessicahines.com/

Ethan Levitas: "In Advance Of A Broken Arm", who encounters New York police officers with his camera since 9/11 http://www.elprojects.com/

Clemence de Limburg: "Dwarf World Games" http://www.clemencedelimburg.com/

Another great find was an exhibition by Anthropographia, which showed truly moving stories and great images at 55 Washington street . From their website: "Founded in the city of Montréal in 2008, Anthropographia is a volunteer-run non-profit organization that generates awareness of under publicized human rights issues through visual story telling. We believe images open up spaces that allow us to witness abuses forgotten by the media. And it is through this process of witnessing, that we provide the public an opportunity to dialogue, learn and take action on human rights issues." Really worth a look: http://www.anthropographia.org/2.0/

And I liked Kate Kornberg's portraits (my guess: taken in Venice Beach/Los Angeles) at the Gallery 222 "Content Aware", "an exhibition of photographs by the undergraduate class of 2011 http://www.katekornberg.com/

This is by no means a complete account of the festival, there was a lot more, and a lot more that I have not seen because of my limited time. The weather (above) this weekend was mostly as how you know it so well in Hamburg, best, Stefan Falke

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